Procedure Of App Development

Considering of today’s situation, where technology is growing rapidly mobile phones have become our best friends and live savior too, just on few clicks you get every difficult task done so easily, let it be difficult mathematical calculation or date on the calendar, communicating with dear one’s or buying, stock market, your location and many more things just on few clicks.

Application or app is the software on devices, which permit user to use multiple features of the app like connecting with people’s, gaming, learning, e commerce and etc.For using different features we require different apps which is on our device and it has also become valuable aspects of our daily lives.

The usage of smartphone has been increased and people are preferably shifting towards smartphone and tablet over desktop and laptop, so the app development for mobile application and mobile friendly has become more crucial and important development in organization. It is covering and attracting the market towards app development and getting higher values in market of Washington.

Innovation is the combination of invention and new updates in the invention, same applies with the mobile app development, their origin comes from basic software development technology and add on their feature accordingly to meet up the requirements of mobile phones.

In current scenario there are two leading platform for mobile application, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS which runs on apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, Android is used by the firm’s and organizations who meet Google’s eligibility criteria.

Now moving at the app development stages, how the app is developed, the ever first stage is of

  • Requirements:- What is the requirements that your app is going to provide, what services will this app give, the basic motive of developing an app is it can provide facility or service to our customers, once you are clear with the idea that which function your app is going to provide, let’s move to the second step.
  • UI:- User interface, how do you want your interface of app should look while interacting with user, Interface should be user friendly and easy to use, here developer will design the UI for app, they will provide you different templates you can choose any of the them according to the requirements and also change or edit the interface when and where required.
  • Code:- The important stage of app development is the coding part here developer will write the code to meet up the app requirements and once the coding pary is done we will move to next part.
  • Checking Bugs:- Once the code development is completed, it’s testing is done to find out whether the code is bug free and working as expected, as soon as testing part is clear with all passed results your app is ready.
  • Launching in Market:- When your app is completely ready after testing process you launch it in the market clients and customers can download it through Google Play Store or Apple store.

The marketing of the app can be completed by various means such as Ads, Social Media etc.

App development in USA & Europe has attracted the market towards it and the services which are being provided in USA after the app is being used in market is also remarkable.

When you have decided to build the app, at that stage it matter you have the appropriate knowledge of the types of app as well, this will help you to differentiate in a better way, apps have some various framework such as : Native mobile app, Hybrid Mobile app, HTML5 app.

There are numerous option available in the market and online services are also provided in USA & Europe which are the best one, App development is the most important and critical step of our project so choose wisely.


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